Monday, 30 July 2012

My Neo-Mordheim Chaos Warband Let Me Show You Them

Sorted for tomorrow night's game of Song of Blades and Heroes at the oddly-named October, Birmingham's wargame club. Confronted with a virtually infinite choice of warband construction, I felt it artistically necessary to go down the Old School 1980s Realms of Chaos Khornate Chaos Warband/Aspiring Champion route.

Straight out of the Coop school of crap, point-and-click cameraphone photography is this team shot of Barbas the Wing'd One's Brethern of Blasphemy...

Apart from the Derro in the chequered hood, all of these pj's are at least a decade old, dragged out of The Vaults beneath Coop Towers and given a little bit of paint tarting up, varnishing and re-basing. It's a motley crew because it was picked from what floated to the top of the barrel first and appeared to need little remedial work before fielding in anger.

Rear row, left to right - The Bandaged Dead #1 and The Bandaged Dead #2 (GW/Milton Bradley Heroquest Mummies), Barbas The Wing'd One (possibly a Reaper Miniatures figure), Vladimir the Eternally Angry (GW/Milton Bradley Battlemasters Chaos Thug).

Front row, left to right - Heinrich Bloodbather (Citadel Chaos Thug, 80s vintage), Jawcracker Whiteskin (Reaper Miniatures Derro pretending to be a Chaos Dwarf), Killfuck Soulshitter (IIRC a Heartbreaker figure, possibly a licensed Magic:The Gathering figure).

I have since finished another Chaos Warrior that might replace Killfuck as the original Killfuck figure isn't really a Chaotic type.

Will be playing Darth Phil of A Game of Bones, no idea what he will turn up with, probably Spanish Civil War Republicans or similar...


  1. Don't worry, I've no idea what I'll be turning up with at the moment either!

    I'm re-familiarising myself with the rules. For what it is worth.

    The SCW Republicans are 10mm. They'd be in danger of being trodden on.

  2. A cool warband... and chaotic for sure.
    I think the winged guy is from Grenadier. I've got a couple of them, still unpainted, and they have that Grenadier 'feel' to them... I'm too lazy to go dig them out and look on the bases to make sure though.

  3. I can't remember precisely why it's called the October Club, but I think it has something to do with the Russian Revolution and a tiff with the Birmingham Wargames Club back in the 1970s.

  4. Good use of some big box plastics there.

    Loving the names - painting's not too shabby either!

    Never got round to playing SOBH, which I really should one day, but can heartily reccomend Skulldred if you ever get the chance.

    Quite like the idea of a chaos warband facing off against lilliputian SCW Republicans.

  5. It's called the October Club because it was set up in October. That's it.

    My SCW militia will not be seeing action tonight but pictures may well be forthcoming later.