Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The New Arrivals

I'm not going down the expensive and time-consuming route of collecting OOP 80s vintage Citadel lead off eBay. No. Not happening. It's just that these immaculate white metal babies arrived today;

Slagroth Vilestaff and Jazekal Iron Face respectively. Slagroth is intended to be my Magician General for my ever-growing Hordes of the Things Goblin army (aka The Goblins of Crippledick Peak) which is ever-growing since it's a re-basing project of my abortive WFB7 Night Goblin army.

On the subject of Hordes of the Things, The Goblins of Crippledick Peak got an outing against the forces of Darthphil of A Game of Bones which is the first time I'd played HotT in nearly a decade. Had forgotten what a great game it is that "feels" like a gargantuan battle but actually gets away with using the sort of figure count you'd more normally associate with a skirmish setup.

Hordes of the Things rules are now free - http://www.wrg.me.uk/WRG.net/History/HOTT2.pdf although you don't get the army lists which were effectively only suggestions anyway.

With the demise of The Stronghold (the main site for all things HotT) the next best thing is probably The Stronghold Rebuilt on which Alan Saunders (elder brother of Darthphil) is slowly copypasta-ing some of the old Stronghold's content.

Another good site is the dedicated entry at boardgamegeek.


  1. Two classic sorcerers there Coop! I have both of those lead babies soaking in one of my many (and I do mean many) jam jars of dettol and Nitro Moors. How long until we see these fellas with some paint on? It my inspire me to actually empty my paint strip pots instead of adding ever more to the crammed packed jars!

  2. You could just tell people that all those jars of dark yellow liquid are full of urine...

  3. You didn't mention that you lost. Twice.

    It was bloody good fun though.

  4. Ooh, so vintage. They're lovely :)