Friday, 27 July 2012

Suddenly Derro! (and Subbuteo)

More painting little mans. Having played Song of Blades and Heroes on Friday I immediately decided to get my own warband, which will be Old Skool Chaos Warband in style.

Reaper Miniatures Derro pretending to be pre-Assyrian-beard-and-big-hat Chaos Dwarves. The influences behind the pale skin, chequerboard, Rotring-inked tattoos and lashings of gloss varnish should be obvious to fellow travellers.(*)

SoBaH is a sort of Neo-Mordheim in that you play with about 5-12 figures and have a campaign system that tweaks your warband after every battle however, unlike Mordheim, you can play a mini-campaign of 3 or 4 games in a single evening (i.e. the amount of games of Mordheim - or Necromunda for that matter - that a campaign needed before becoming a pointless exercise of the big boys trouncing the whipping boys every single time leading to it's abandonment).

Current plans are to finish off the other three Derro I have and then a blister pack of two Bugbears (again from Reaper) as Khornate Chaos Beastmen.

Also I suddenly want to play Subbuteo again but only if I can paint my own Athletico Fightingfantasista team -

(*) But just in case it isn't obvious, it's the Blanchitsu/Aly Morrison mid-80s thing.


  1. I really might have to check out Songs of Blades and Heroes, everyone seems to have nothing but good things to say about it. What are the downsides?

  2. It's a bit vanilla after a while, but with the expansions you can stave that off for years!

  3. Very nice. I've only played Song of Blades and Heroes a few times, but it's a great little game and, as you say,, very fast.

  4. Well, I've just ordered it from Lulu, so I'll be able to see for myself soon (and have a reason to paint up any old miniature I fancy).

  5. It's a difficult game to explain how clever it is without actually explaining the entire ruleset. Likewise if you just read through it it appears that there is little there and it's just about D6+ combat factor and scoring higher than the enemy which sounds on the face of it like something you'd invent for playing with Airfix soldiers at the age of 6.

    Don't be put off by how "light" it appears on a read through. It needs that first game to appreciate what a fantastically designed game it is.

  6. And we are playing on Tuesday.