Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Aquila 1974

Apposite to a recent US court-case involving GW trademarks, have a picture of Barney Bubble's cover for Hawkwind's 1974 album Hall of the Mountain Grill.


  1. The Byzantine Empire used the symbol of a two-headed bird of prey long before either Hawkwind or Games Workshop.

    Say, did you ever see the photo of Hawkwind visiting the GW studio in White Dwarf issue #102?

  2. Yes, I remember that one and the Brian May one!

    I'm fully aware of the long history of the two-headed eagle in heraldry, it's the use of a sci-fi one on a spacecraft that attracted my attention.

  3. It's okay, GW have just found out that Gary Chalk and Russ Nicholson (and, probably, countless other freelance artists) own big chunks of 'their' IP.

    1. I hope that Gary and Russ put their heads together and work out a way of getting paid for the last 25 years of use of their work (derivatives and usage) that would be a great outcome of the Chapterhouse case.

      Good catch Coop!