Thursday, 25 October 2012

Once Upon a Time I Sent an SAE to Nottingham

Once upon a time, which I now know to be around the July of 1985 I saw this in the back page of a Lone Wolf book, quite possibly the very one I photographed this from twenty minutes ago.

So I begged a 1st class stamp off a parent and off it was dispatched. And pretty shortly afterwards somebody took a break from being whipped mercilessly by Bryan Ansell to send me some mailshot sheets of the new Citadel releases printed in red on yellow paper. In fact despite only asking for one SAE they continued to send mailshots out for a couple of years, probably until (I guess) they stopped doing them in favour of White Dwarf instead.

Now I couldn't remember what was on the mailshots but by remarkable coincidence, wardy-la has posted some scans of exactly that red on yellow mailshot from 1985.

I hadn't seen either of these for twenty-seven years so this was probably the most nostalgic gaming thing I'd experienced since, oh, Tuesday and, before that, the previous Friday.

Seeing the D&D Skeleton reminds me that at about this time, I got a free Dungeons & Dragons-branded hologram in some breakfast cereal. It was this very Skeleton in exactly the same pose (so probably taken from the original Citadel Miniatures studio shots) and I remember there being a Bugbear in the same series - also a model from BDD2.

So, hardcore Citadel collectors, somewhere there exists a range of cardboard-mounted holograms of Citadel Miniatures from BDD2 Monster Starter Set. What you waiting for? Get on with it... :)

(Sod's law says this will draw out a post from amongst the Oldhammer blogs with someone's complete collection of 1980s breakfast cereal Citadel-Miniatures-under-D&D-Basic-license holograms within about a day and a half. Don't let me down now...)


  1. Ah if only!

    I think I may vaguely remember those holograms though - especially the skeleton...

  2. you asked for it, not mine tho'.

    I distinctly remember my mother refusing to buy me Shreddies on the grounds that they tasted like cardboard and I wouldn't eat them all, and she'd have to endure them. I mentioned we had a pet hamster as a possible third alternative consumer of tasteless breakfast cereal, but to no avail.

    1. I might have known that would happen :)

  3. I think you'll find that by '85 Ansell had progressed from whips to elaborate electro torture on GW staff.

  4. Well, if you want to start your collection, here's your chance!

    (Not my auction, btw)

  5. Man I remember these, I did have the complete set. I ate Shreddies for weeks in order to get them all ... Awesome post, thanks for the memories.