Thursday, 24 January 2013

Identify That Dwarf

Back in the Rogue Trader era of White Dwarf (i.e. from WD93 onwards) there was a mention in one issue of a forthcoming event at Games Day. It would be really helpful for a prospective project if someone could help me locate the actual issue this was mentioned in. All I remember is

- Players were asked to bring to the event a painted 10-man Space Marine squad.

- The battle was a free-for-all event, a gladiatorial event for the title of "Emperors Champion" or something broadly similar.

- There was a mention in a later WD that the eventual winner had adopted the tactic of using his Missile Launcher to target ice-floes the other player's Marines were standing on and in doing so sinking them.

This might have been run twice and accordingly mentioned in WD the following year. I believe that if this was the case, the second year allowed Chaos Space Marine squads which would almost certainly date it to after the release of the first Realms of Chaos volume.

Does anybody else remember this and which issues it was mentioned in?

Knowing the readership of this blog it will probably turn out that somebody not only knows, they played in the original and have run it as a special Christmas game every year since...


  1. I remember it - it actually gave an army list entry for you to choose your squad from, will see if I can turn it up.

  2. Yes I remember it well and I am sure I draft an entry form, I will have to scout into my White Archive in the loft tomorrow and try and fish it out for you, I might try to scan it at work if i find it

    1. An entry form would be an interesting period piece! I'll gladly post that if it turns up.