Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Some Points

XBLA Spelunky is great if you are the sort of person who likes Old School D&D and liked Rick Dangerous on the old, proper machines. It's basically Rick Dangerous Rogue-like. It's one of the few games that manage to be brutally hard (at first), but 100%, no messing fair and never cheap.

On the subject of Rogue-likes, Zaga-33 on iOS costs sixty-nine pence and is equally brilliant. (This has been out for absolutely ages but I only thought to mention it now due to mentioning Spelunky).

buildadungeonfromme.tumblr.com now has 266 pictures loaded up on it and a RANDOM button for pressing and seeing what inspiration stuff drops out of the other end. You should press RANDOM a few times and write the scenario. It will be good for you.

Warhammer 40,000 6th edition is OK (myself and The Not-really-a-nephew-nephew both have the Dark Vengeance box sets with no intention of buying codexes or worrying about points values) but does play rather like somebody simply took 5th edition and shoe-horned his own house rules and "this is how we play" things into it. Lots of slightly clunky exceptions to rules, not slick.

I have a new blog for the wargaming stuff that seems out of place here on fightingfantasist. It's called OPEN FIRE! ALL WEAPONS! which you need to shriek like a leather-clad lesbian dominatrix from the Slavic regions of Mongo in order to get the full effect. Mostly going to be the historic stuff I think.

Will whoever keeps sending me anonymous messages on http://fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming.tumblr.com/ that just say "leman russ" or "white dwarf" kindly explain himself and his purpose in doing so? I'm starting to feel that I'm missing a meme that the rest of the Internet knows all about.

While sorting out a post of the cover of Something Rotten in Kislev for that blog, a Google search came across my long-forgotten review of this WFRP supplement from 13 years ago...

Also, I has Dreadball.

But first impressions were that the figures were not of the usual 28mm Mantic quality, but rather small and afflicted with a lot of flash and not at all what I had expected as an existing Mantic customer.

But then after being disappointed I painted the human team up, and they looked OK when speed-painted and gloss varnished.

I was going to paint them silvery-chrome, but then I realised that everybody else would do that, so I painted them bronze and blue instead and I was going to call them BRUTAL DELUXE, but then I realised that everybody else would do that, so I named them METAL MESSIAHS instead.

I need to paint the Orc team but we are due to play on Friday so that probably won't happen in time.

Also, sorry Words with Friends, but despite your moral objections it is an acceptable world in real world Scrabble. It may not be big, and it may not be clever, but it is a legal play. Cost me 18 points there, you bowdlerising pig-fucker.


  1. I found out that "jew" isn't an "acceptable" word to Words With Friends, too. However, "shit" is. Whodathunk?

  2. That's bad news "jew" is a three letter word with a W and the all-important J-without-needing-U.

    I'm learning all this rather quickly as when I started playing a week ago (against a friend who is a Scrabble nut) I naively thought it was all about long and obscure words...

  3. I cant the letter C U N T in Words with Friends, and, after being told that cunt wasn't an acceptable word, I tried pressing 'shuffle'. Given the length of time I wasted doing that, without it ever once producing the word, I'm guessing that 'cunt' is on a ban list, not just absent from the WwF dictionary.

    1. I once worked for a company that wrote software for classified ads in newspapers and we had to quickly add a swear filter to that once it decided that an algorithm that generated booking references (to be quoted to customer) based upon customer surname and first word of ad was going to send out a whole series of references prefixed CUNT once Mrs Cunningham decided to sell her Toyota Corolla in the local paper and the girl on the telephone didn't really know what to say to her. Having a couple of ex-Royal Navy lads in the company meant that the swear filter ended up being really very large indeed.

  4. Also, the problem with WwF is that you can have endless goes at making up words.

    Is this a word? How about this? What about this? Wow, 77 points! Who would have thought that was a word?

    1. Not to mention the ability to start opening up dictionaries in browser windows, dedicated Scrabble word-finder websites and crowdsource your next move via screen dumps and picture messaging not all of which I'm _entirely_ certain are strictly legal Scrabble strategies.