Friday, 15 March 2013

Just Two Members of the Horde of Goreshitter

Firstly, a frank and honest admission of some shocking 'Eavy Metal heresy.

I like gloss varnish.

I especially like gloss varnish on 28mm figures.

My excuse for this is that some of the first miniatures photography I saw in White Dwarf was the work of Aly Morrison and they were slathered in rock hard gloss varnish. I loved the effect, the sheen and the porcelain-like finish and it was massively inspirational upon me. Gloss used to be quite fashionable up until the early 1990s but then it went away in favour of the almost maniacal "must be flat and reflect no light" look which was probably inspired by the increasing use of the black undercoat.

Anyway, I gloss all my 28mm. I even like the tactile feel when they are picked up.

Unfortunately this makes photography of my toys extremely difficult. Anyway here's two that I managed to snap via the iPhone without looking utterly shit.

Hathroll Stone Ommer, Asgard Miniatures Half-Troll with Hammer, pretending to be a Runequest Broo Oldhamster Chaos Beastman. I wanted to use this model because Asgard is Bryan Ansell's old company although I actually bought this as a reissue when Tabletop Games owned the moulds. I had a go at a traditional Blanchitsu "Orange Ogre Face" on the shield, but in red to match the red-and-yellow-ochre colour scheme that the rest of the warband has. Unfortunately the model is far too big to fit on a 25mm x 25mm base so I've double-based it - the frontage is the correct-for-Oldhamster 25mm but twice the depth as if it were what the kids all call a "unit filler" these days. Groundworking will be done all at the end of the project to keep it consistent across all models.

Yak Gotegobla, Citadel Miniatures Beastman Champion. I was a bit unsure about whether this model fitted in with the Oldhammer ethos being, to my mind, from the modern, rubbish period. But then I realised that the copyright date on the slottabase tab was 1995 which is obviously a hell of a lot closer to the magical year of 1987 then it is to the modern day...

So it gets a pass and gets to lead Göreshitter's Beastman unit Göreshitter's Shitters of Göre (all 5 of them). I tried to go all "limited palette" on this one, it's possibly ended up being a bit too subtle.

I do have other members of the warband painted up, unfortunately the gloss varnish and uneven lighting in the flat (fuck you shitty modern energy saving bulbs) meant that the pics aren't worth posting.


  1. Lovely old Asgard half troll there, they did a similar one with a sword I remember. I love gloss varnish too although tend only to use it on my traditional toysoldier stuff. One problem I have found is that it yellows over the years so am now using floor wax which has a similar effect without this problem.

  2. The half-troll is superb. I went the gloss varnish route for years until a sudden madness flung me irrevocably into the matt camp. I still whack a coat of gloss on first for durability, then the matt.

    You can get non-yellowing gloss these days, Windsor & Newton do one, as I recall.

  3. I've always suspected that the yellowing was down to UV exposure. None of my toys get much exposure to sunlight as they live in their boxes. I hope that works anyway...

    I'm using Liquitex Gloss Varnish. I strongly suspect it's the same stuff as the older GW Gloss Varnish (not the rubbish they replace it with) as supposedly Liquitex made the previous GW range. Looks the same, behaves the same, comes in a large bottle that works out to be far cheaper than GW. Win win.

  4. That is some tight work there!
    And I'm not a fan of gloss.

  5. Spandex, mullets, women's shoulder pads, men's shoulder pads, carphones, hair...Gloss finish.

    Just kidding, they are great. I love that beastman character, gots me one of those.

  6. Nice to see an old Asgard sculpt getting some love. I really do believe that miniatures produced by Bryan's earlier company will be future 'collecting gold' and the model you have painted is one of the finest in the range. I don't varnish my models at all. Never have.

  7. Shiny, shiny!

    I don't gloss varnish my minis but I like the effct - probably from drooling over old Golden Demon entries featured in old WD's.

  8. I like gloss varnish, for more or less the same reason. It's also easier to tell if you've varnished a figure or not, which helps if you're absent-minded like me.

  9. the gloss makes look like they have been dipped in Army painter maybe this is a raod you should consider

    1. They've been painted with the Army Painter Quickshade _Ink_ Strong Tone which appears to be Devlan Mud with a different label. I used to use a tinted varnish from Wilkinsons which was glossy but that tended to leave the model very glossy in the recesses and vaguely satin on the raised parts so they generally needed a coat of gloss afterwards anyway.

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love those perry beast men from the 90s. Always welcome on my table. Love the shield design.

    Never have varnished, matt or gloss, never seen the point.

  11. Preach it, brother! Wow, until just now I had started to think I was the only person in the universe who still preferred gloss varnish. Been getting back into minis painting recently ahead of my Reaper Bones Kickstarter arrival (hopefully) and I still think that in person, in most lights, the minis look far better glossy than matte. I tried using dullcote matte spray on some over-glossy minis a month ago and was devastated by how crap they turned out.

    Although after the SHARP INTAKE OF BREATH when I mentioned this perversion on the Reaperminis forum recently, I have just compromised and acquired a can of satin varnish for a more subdued sheen.

    Some recent glossy work of mine:

  12. For many years I varnished my minis with Matt. However, I eventually came to realise that matt just dulls colours down whereas gloss/satin gives a nice richness. So I use the latter.

    (I also don't subscribe to the current trend of painting metal shades with non-metal paint - i.e greys for steel and yellows for gold. Its a complete fail for me as it simply doesn't look like metal...)