Friday, 1 March 2013

Oldhammer Game Proposal - Rogue Trader

WD112 had this announcement of a "Bring and Battle" Rogue Trader event at Games Day '89.

I'd swear that there was an earlier incarnation of this game at Games Day '88 using just Space Marines and presented as a sort of gladiatorial game for the title of Emperor's Champion but I can't find any evidence of such in White Dwarf back issues. I may have dreamt this but I'm fairly certain I didn't.

I'd like (if the interest is there which is where you guys come in) to run something similar at the Oldhammer bash at Foundry this August. Using the 1987 rules of course.

This would be a case of each player turning up with something that resembles a Space Marine tactical squad (loaners would be available although I imagine most people attending Oldhammer would be able to lay their hands upon 10 Space Marines - RT01s or modern it really doesn't matter) and pitching in - either as an "everyman for himself" thing or set up as two opposing table edges. I guess the format depends upon numbers really as I suspect the rules might fall apart if there are too many sides.

I envisage people being able to turn up and just join in as and when, re-joining in after being wiped out if they so fancy. An excuse to push some lead and plastic around and roll some dice in other words. We might keep score, the winner wins the adoration of his peers or muttered asides of "powergamer..."

But while inviting all and sundry to the gladiatorial games on the world of Ghun'Khryme-Kapitol there will be a few... say we say complications.

Which is to say that your GM (yours truly) keeps thumbing through Warhammer 40,000 - Rogue Trader and thinking thoughts like "hmmm... random Dinosaurs....", "hmmm... vortex missiles" and "hmmm... biowire. I remember that issue of 2000AD..."

In other words, lots of random events designed to stir things up and stop it being a Missile Launcher sniping party. And it might allow me to kill something as it looks like my Khornate warband in the RoC battle royale won't be achieving very much...

Any interest? Is it worth my while sorting the game out. Let me know here or on the Oldhammer Facebook page.



  1. I like the sound of that - if I can tear myself away from running Orc's Drift long enough, and fit in all the other stiff I want to do!

  2. Yurp, there is interest. As long as it doesn't clash with aforementioned StD madness.

  3. "hmmm... biowire. I remember that issue of 2000AD..."

    I remember being quite horrified by biowire in Rogue Trooper - was it in 'Cinnabar' where Rogue wanders through a landscape (a city?) decorated with the dead hanging from biowire?

    1. Incidentally, I'd be up for it - but not sure whether I'd track down old lead of RT vintage, or find something more recent (and cheaper). Acceptable in the... teenies?

  4. Damn you! Not only have i got to paint up my warband now but revamp one of my RT marine squads or paint a RoC renegade squad, lovely it :D

  5. This kind of inspired me to try to start up a little classic 40K campaign thing myself:

    I mean I have wanted to do something like this for quite some time anyhow but your little post helped push me over the edge.

  6. A link to a previous event held at Wargames Foundry,

    It was a old school Wh40k Rogue Trader game,

    One is also looking to set up a big original Space hulk game at Foundry in May all being well, and other stuff.