Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Titan Games Stourbridge

A new FLGS opened up last year in the Black Country, Titan Games Stourbridge, a satellite offshoot (call it what you will) of the main branch of Titan Games in Lichfield.

This is pretty good news but would have been pretty fucking good news twenty-odd years ago due to it's location in Lower High Street, Stourbridge. Why? This why;

See? I even forgot to label "Coop's favourite chip shop 1990-1992" which is just off the right hand side of that piece of Google Mappery about 25% of the way up. Fucking hated that school as well.

Run by Brett and Steve (ex-Games Workshop) the store is very much what is now called Post-GW - in that it has a large core customer base of disgruntled ex-GW customers who are branching out in all the other games that the Reichstag mysteriously don't believe to be direct competition.

The scene there is hot on Warmachine, X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, MtG, Mantic and Malifaux. I've played MtG and Kings of War there a few times, took part in a Dreadball "chess ladder" league and met Alessio Cavatore who was demoing Shurro. I got him to sign my KoW hardback and told the nephew (who was in attendance) that Alessio not only wrote Kow and editions of Warhammer but was in The Return of the King. He is now regarded as a God amongst men by at least one ten year in Dudley...

They stock the full range of Citadel, Army Painter and P3 paints and have a fair few gaming tables. Great place run by very enthustiastic lads with a large friendly scene of locals.

Titan Games
31 Lower High St,
West Midlands
 DY8 1TA
01384 395687

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  1. This nation sorely needs more FLGS, bloody good luck to 'em.