Thursday, 20 March 2014

15mm Rouge Trader Part Five - BIG JOBS! BIG JOBS!

On Saturday I popped into Waylands Forge in Birmingham where my clubmate Scott was taking part in a Heroclix competition. I mentioned that one of the figures he had (Detroit Steel) would be ideal for a giant robot in 15mm RT.

I don't think he was having a particularly good day as after the next round was complete, Detroit Steel was passed my way along with phrases like "have him", "never using that again", "not worth the points" and "fucking useless".

I didn't do any conversion on this one, just did a quick and dirty paint job that was, at the same time, a colour scheme test shot for a potential future Warmachine Cygnar force.

You can get an idea of size by the 10mm grid marking on the cutting board and that 15mm Blood Drinkers Space Marine Ion Age Prydian standing next to him. The paint has come out too dark (the pic on my laptop appears to be what I was aiming for but in reality it's far darker) but this was just a quick job and I know to go with a different coloured base coat should I ever get around to the Cygnar.

Oh yeah, and a freehand slogan...

From good old Mek-Quake.

For my benefit (as it pisses me off when I forget paint recipes or write them down in a book which I then lose)

Model - GW Sotek Green, details in Coat d'Arms Desert Sand, Army Painter Strong Tone Ink/Devlan (too dark - use Miniature Paints Aquamarine instead)

Base - VMC English Uniform, Army Painter Soft Tone Ink/Gryphonne Sepia, drybrush Army Painter Desert Sand, burnt grass static flock. Goo puddles - Miniature Paints Lime Green, pure white dabbed in when still wet.


  1. somehow i know i'm going to get dragged into this.......

  2. I seem to recall somebody on Friday stating that he didn't miss Rogue Trader one bit :)

  3. Not the rules. But 15mm sci fi makes me feel like a 19th century lady with a bad case of the vapours.

  4. This series of posts has left me with a whole bunch of 15mm miniature manufacturers bookmarked, waiting for the next time I lose control of my wallet.

  5. I'm considering buying the gruntz rules while they're on special offer. And figures, lots of figures.