Saturday, 1 March 2014

15mm Rouge Trader Project Part 2

Grav-Attack painted. The usual high gloss finish because I love shiny things so, so much I suspect there must be have been underlying sexual development issues in my infancy.

(Click all to embiggen, all look better when 800px wide)

Blood Drinkers chapter Grav-Attack (callsign - Shinyshiny) advances during the Battle of the White Void, 11th Veenisimphurz Counter-Insurgency, 912, M38. Also pictured is Battle-Brother Senad who later suffered fatal multiple burst blood vessels brought on by sheer rage caused by the presence of Xenos filth. The Bell of Lost Souls was rung in his memory.

Two pics of Squad Oranjpele, also pictured during the during the Battle of the White Void. Squad Oranjpele's fate is unknown as due to administrative error transport ships sent to recover the survivors are not due to arrive for another 350 years or so.

Brother-Sergeant Oranjpele, accompanied by two Battle-Brothers with bolt guns, a heavy weapons trooper and support weapon trooper. Tech-Marines of the Blood Drinkers chapter are still investigating the curious photographic anomaly in the top-left of this astropathic-transmitted image - the influence of malign warp entities is not yet ruled out.

The other half of Squad Oranjpele. By the yellow/striping of his helmet stripe the Brother centre front must be Veteran-Brother Schatin Hegzel, famed hero of the Brony Genocide.

Little mans are all Critical Mass Games, Not-Grav-Attack is Matchbox. I have a base groundworked for the hovercraft, still debating whether to base the vehicle or not.

I have another squad of painted Not-Marines awaiting groundworking and also I had a big box of Ion Age stuff arrive this morning. Stuff like this (their pics from their website, not mine)

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