Thursday, 6 March 2014

15mm Rouge Trader Project Part 3


(Trivia for the day - "Do" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for gunfire. This means that DAKKA-DAKKA in Japan should really be pronounced DO-DO or possibly DO-DO-DO-DO repeated ad infinitum, machine-gun style. Here ends the bollocks).

Recruiting of the scum of the Imperium, tribal savages and those driven psychotically insane by the pressures of the living in the hivecity underworld of the Great Post-Industrial Mercian Arcology has gone well and another squad has been added to the roll of heroes (soon to be ex-heroes) of the Blood Drinkers chapter.

The first of the Ion Age/ figures are done, this is going to be a Brother-Captain in my forces.

There is something very "Laserburn" about this guy. I think it's the mix of shoulder-length hair, flappy coat, and a gun that appears to have dropped off a 1970s space opera paperback cover.

Lastly, I painted possibly the least useful Ion Age figure I have first because I'm contrarian like that. In the style of "Ex-Brother Marine" here's the unfortunate effect of RT Marines only having T3 back in 1987...

(For some reason the lighting has washed out all the Not-Devlan Mud shading on the bolt gun. Not that he'll be needing it again thought).

I also found a period piece of Blood Drinkers art, this is the "Rhino Marines" advert from WD103.

I remember that three colour camo scheme from the original WD Rhino article. I'm thinking that the force needs at least one vehicle done in that colour scheme as a tribute to this old studio RH1NO.

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  1. Re: Dakka Dakka Do Do, my 4 year old says guns go Pew, Pew Pew unless they are realy big and go Boom, some (but not many) go zap zap.