Wednesday, 12 March 2014

15mm Rouge Trader Project Part The Fourth

While I started painting a Blood Drinkers Space Marine force I have been thinking that really I should be doing a Rogue Trader's force with the BDs being the Marines assigned to him and his mission. This gives me a far bit more flexibility as regards designing Imperium forces.

So here is Rogue Trader Hejj Phund, Master of the voidship The Invisible Hand of Adamus Faber. He's the Zinn Envoy figure from Ion Age that was the limited release freebie for orders during February.

(Phund has no groundworking yet because Coop Towers has the builders in and stuff got put away. Builders painted around the front door handle today and didn't put up a wet paint sign. Coop is not happy).

Phund is pictured here in his "diplomatic" garb for social occasions in which he is merely protected by an assortment of Refractor and Displacer fields and only lightly packing heat in the form of a few Jokaero Digital Weapons disguised as signet rings and the odd Vortex grenade in his wallet (grenades are coin-sized in RT).

And Phund accompanied here by his bodyguard, Brother-Captain Zenn Zybyl of the Field Police.

Also ready for a daubing of Citadel Colour Khorne Red are the following (as yet unnamed) squad, all of which are Ion Age Prydians.

On the subject of, they have remastered the old Laserburn Glaive APC - clearly a variant upon the standard RH1N0 design discovered in an ancient and dusty Standard Template Construction system. Want.

Also on the want list - Khurasan's "Brunt" from their new "Cult of Andromeda". Declared a mutant variant of the abhuman breed commonly known as "Ogryn", this particular sub-strain has been dubbed "Rhox" by Imperial Xenobiologists. Imperial Army staff are keen to field these abhumans in the same battlefield role as Ogryn Sergeants.


  1. Enjoyed this post a lot. Glad you are enjoying the Zin Envoy in his new role for you. The Glaives are coming soon and indeed you are was ancient and dusty.


  2. Nice figures Gavin! Had I seen them before I saw the CMG ones I would have started with yours. Looking forwards to painting them once the builders have moved out.