Sunday, 9 March 2014

Been Shopping

Back from the West Midlands Military Show at Wolverhampton, the long-standing combined gaming/kit modelling bash. For the first time ever I didn't buy a single figure. I did however get this...

...and filled a few gaps in the collection with these.

That Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Roleplaying Game is intended for the nephew.


  1. I'm jealous of your Ratspike; I've always wanted to read that book but have never been able to find a copy for a sensible price.

  2. It was £25, a little bit above my comfort zone but I've never seen it on sale before, and having failed to get a lot of what was on my shopping list for the day money was burning a hole in pocket.

  3. Fighting Fantasy is my plan for building the next generation of geeks; I picked up Titan, Out Of The Pit and 'Fighting Fantasy' purely with the aim of using FF to introduce my kids to RPGs when they're a wee bit older. Yer nephew will thank you in years to come...

  4. Awesome stuff - Ratspike is excellent. I just finished writing Beyond the Pit, the Out of the Pit sequel for Arion Games' Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2 system. Lots of original FF B&W artwork from the gamebooks and 250 new (old) favorites:

    Good review here:

    Hopefully available soon from here:



  5. Just done Dead of Night recently, it's quite a good one with a Warhammery feel and relatively few sucker punches.