Monday, 10 March 2014

Fields of Battle - Fighting Fantasy Mass Battle Rules from 1986

Have a small contribution towards Oldhammer archaeology - Graeme Davis' Fields of Battle from Warlock 12 (October/November 1986).

Drastik Plastik and Skeleton Hordes Versus Psychostyrene! (Also little mans from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain boardgame).

The tiny move distances are, I suspect, related to the idea of the table being "at least two feet across" - so everything is probably half-scale compared to contemporary Warhammer (bow range of 12" in FoB compares with 24" in WFB). This perhaps ties in with the ten strong infantry unit and an acknowledgement that this would be played on the floor of a bedroom or on a dining table.

Simple though it is, this looks like the sort of thing that would work well as a demonstration game at a show. And the Jes Goodwin page furniture illos here are great.


  1. God, I loved Warlock magazine when I was a kid. I still get annoyed now sometimes when I think about how upsetting it was when it ended.

  2. I'm looking forward to trying these rules out with Thantsants sometime in the future. We're going to compare and contrast with Warhammer 2nd and pick a favourite before taking our Trolltooth Wars project out on the road to a few shows.

  3. Yeah, played this at the local wargames club back in the day, cut-out cardboard chits mounted on cereal packets and everything!

  4. A great little game, with potential to adapt/develop as one likes. Thanks for posting it for us!