Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lazy Picture Post

I have vague and ill-formed plans for an army in the style of this Achilleos bookcover for some Elric novel - everybody (and the groundworking on their bases) is just done from white primer washed with sepia ink and only the main general is painted. Not sure if I could pull it off well though.

I made this! (FASA Battletech Ostscout).

Rick P says Points Values are shit. He's not wrong.

I could watch this all day. It's perfect.


  1. An eclectic mix that eerily feels like a snapshot of the contents of my brain. Nice work - more of this please Coop.

  2. I want to do something very similar to that Elric piece. Either a Night Goblin army where only the Squigs are colourful (and bright orange), or maybe a Cryx force where only the casters are anything but murky, swirly grey and green.

    1. I got reminded of this in December at the Wargamer show in Great Barr - there were some Imperial Guard for sale on a stall which were just a light basecoat/primer (possibly Deneb Stone or modern equivalent) with a sepia wash. Because the intricate groundworking was done the same the Achilleos artwork sprang to mind. I suspect the original painter had only got as far as basecoating the models and doing a wash to see the detail better but obviously lazy bastard here saw the potential for stopping at that point.

      I am slowly working on a Kings of War undead army that is entirely painted as etheral - my Cryx have inherited the same paint scheme.

  3. I used a sepia wash for the bases of my wasteland mutants. Check out my Tharks: