Sunday, 23 March 2014

Warmachine Pics - Green Undead versus Catholic Not-Space Nazis

Got two games of Hormachine in on Saturday against Darth Phil at Wayland's Forge in Birmingham. I used my Cryx against Phil's Menoth and then borrowed his Ultramarines Cygnar (I am thinking of buying and painting the Cygnar starter box so wanted to get a feel for how they play) for game #2.

My Death-chickens. The design of these reminds me very much of the Mortis Dogs card in Magic:The Gathering

In fact the whole Cryx "look" is very reminiscent of the Phryexian faction from M:TG. For example:-

But I digress. The large pieces of terrain are just aquarium decorations from the pet shop - my local one has lots of surreal, Grecian or East Asian/Jungle ruins pieces for around £10-15 a shot. (There is also a large sunken aircraft carrier I keep eyeing up thinking of the opening pages of Marshal Law). I find this a cheap way of quickly getting terrain that looks fantasy-like or alien.

Phil's Catholic Space Nazis. This is technically a selfie as Phil took it facing towards himself.

War-Witch Chlamydia stands on a hill pointing at a photobombing Pseudo-Papist Steam Robot.

My Cryxmans. Unfortunately because of the design of the War-Witch Deneghra model which has some form of pipes, cabling, or conduit or similar wrapping around to her breastplate it has ended up looking like she has some really freaky nipples in a really odd place.

Some purple thing.

My Death Chicken tries to outflank.

Most pics by Phil, #1 and #6 by me.


While it's quite dissimilar to anything I've played before I'm starting to see how the game is played - my breakthrough in wrapping my head around it seems to have been stopping thinking in terms of a game as representing a conventional military skirmish or battle (as 40K or something similar would be) but in terms of one single combat encounter in a console JRPG (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warriors etc.). This made it easier for me to realise that the game was one of using abilities and attempting to get models synchronising together in order to slay the opposing warcasters, rather than manoeuvre and massing and holding a reserve.

I also picked up Ascension Apprentice Edition because it is ridiculously cheap (I think it was something like £8.95) and I had some store credit after an MTG card of mine had sold at FNM the night before. I've never played a "deck building" game before - the new High Command set in the Warmachine universe accordingly made no sense to me - but a quick dummy game this afternoon showed me how such a concept works. Look forwards to playing this in the future, I really like the art style of the cards.

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