Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Top Mordheim Board

Paid a flying visit to Titan Games Stourbridge on Saturday and saw this stunning Mordheim-like board setup. I can see Warhammer, Lord of the Rings and laser-cut MDF terrain in there.

It turns out that this isn't actually the possession of the shop - this is owned by a local tattoo shop (this one, I presume) and has been put together for the staff's personal Mordheim campaign. Titan have it on loan/display as the tattoo shop is moving and temporarily need somewhere to put it. Wouild love to play Song of Blades and Heroes on this.


  1. That's an awesome board, great inspiration for some skirmish game terrain.
    Was it a standard 4'x4' size?

  2. Nothing short of impressive...

  3. That is a beautiful table and proof that you don't need a large table to have cracking game. Aside from those you mentioned it seems many of the ruins are from Warlord Games: http://store.warlordgames.com/collections/bolt-action/products/ruined-farmhouse

    1. Good spot. I was wondering if they were from the Airfix 1:48 range but a quick check of the Airfix website shows that their range is for Helmand Province and the like.

  4. Lovely board! Thanks for sharing!


  5. a little request...could you put up more pages from WARLOCK magazine..?...its very hard to find these days....

  6. This was actually made by Adam Hudson who at the time worked at OSC tattoo alongside me just 3 doors up from Titan Games ( Now Phoenix games ) Nevertheless this is a great board.