Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Known World Thirty Years Ago

According to the copyright date on Warhammer 2nd Edition I must have been a Warhammerer for thirty years this year.

Weird irony- I bought my WFB2 from the toyshop in Dudley and couldn't wait for Monday morning to tell the kids playing Warhammer at my middle school that I now had Warhammer and was officially elevated to the level of all the cool kids. It then turned out that nobody recognised this strange red box as they all had the game in some white box instead. It was a proper

moment all right.

The irony here is that these days everyone else seems to rush to bin their copies of perfectly good wargames the very day a new moneygouge edition comes out whereas muggins here is the one saying "No, fuck you I won't scrap my old version just because some greedy Motherfucker in Nottingham says I ought to".

Anyroad, here is my first exposure to the Warhammer World, from Warhammer 2 circa 1984.


  1. Much prefer this version to everything that followed. Never really liked the direction wfrp took the setting, grimdark & all that mostly just bored me.

    Actually I wish they had somehow adopted Titan as the wfb setting. That would have been fantastic.

    1. I really loved WFRP-era grimdark as it was more of a subtle thing, coupled with lots of Erich von Daniken nonsense which is the sort of crap I've always loved to read while laughing at.

      Titan is the default Warhammer world in an alternate dimension somewhere and Citadel Miniatures still do blister packs of white metal Wheelies, Jib-Jibs, Rhinomen and Red-Eyes.

  2. 30 years already. Wow. My first introduction to the Warhammer World was 1st Citadel Compendium, with it's proto-40k time travel scenario, and proto-real of chaos, random mutations tables, followed on by the 2nd Citadel Compendium with its drug-fiend lesbian punks. So it wasn't till after that that I finally encountered 2nd Ed and roped my D&D mates into playing it. Think my view of the Warhammer World has always been that it was a heavily Moorcockian, sci-fantasy, weird thing in its heart, rather than the rather bland stale-beer and cold porridge thing it became post 40k, which seemed to steal all the interesting bits and then dump it all in a bin bag with some bricks and throw it into the canal in favour of telling you exactly what colour ties various schoolboy space marines have to wear.

    Titan never held together as a world for me, despite Marc Gasgoines large format attempt to convince us otherwise. It's a "funhouse dungeon" taken to the level of an entire planets geography.

  3. Agree that Titan lacks coherence as a whole, but if you ignore Khul I think it could be made to hang together better. Even as it stands it makes more sense to me than forgotten realms..

    For me Warhammer world in its 2e incarnation had a freedom about it which 3e rapidly lost. Shifting the setting to fantasy Renaissance was interesting but IMO they went overboard in drawing on historical elements and themes. It happens with a lot of settings that the more you detail the less interesting it gets.

    I'd love a pack of Rhino Men.

  4. Wow, blast from the past. This edition was also my first. I found the Slann really compelling but there were no models for them that I could find.

  5. White box was my intro; DIY production values smeared with Tony Ackland illos and gorgeous cover art.

    2E was fine, although I mainly bought it for the John Blanche cover. The emerging Warhammer world was great, too.

    3E I didn't really bother with. I tried it once; it felt awkward, rules-y and aimed at glittering tournament play rather than teenagers in bedrooms subbing He-Man figures for giants.