Tuesday, 3 June 2014

15mm Rouge Trader Part Six - Titans In Disguise! More Than Meets the Eyes!

Fifteen-mil Rogue Trader project continues. Big mech. Very big mech.

That's a Transformers Prime "Shockwave" on a CD base. Included "for scale" model is a CMG chappie on a UK penny base. Shockwave has had his joints glued up and the first bastard that tries to "transform" it now it's on a base will get a big fuck-off slap. I found the best way to glue the joints up was to squeeze some thin superglue onto a scrap palette, dip a cocktail stick end in the glue puddle and then run it around the joints. Capillary actions seems to draw it into ball-and-socket joints and then it seizes up nicely. Needs lots of groundwork texture and a spray prime next.

Shockwave is the first Transformers toy I've found that doesn't have obvious bits of car or lorry hanging off him when in humanoid form. Also nice that it was on half price offer at the Tesco at the end of my street.

Now we all now that the new Imperial Guard Vauxhall Astra Milliband Taurox is a pretty fucking stupid design.

(Actually as an urban riot control vehicle or similar this would make perfect sense. On a hot battlefield with it's stupidly high profile? Not a chance).

But when Matchbox do this ("Frost Fighter") for £1.25?

Get in. Games Workshop price £29 BTW.

Also found in Wilkinsons is a set of four military vehicles of wildly disparate scale for £4. The articulated lorry and tiny helicopters are not much use (although the helicopters ended up serving as "blow the fuckers up" objectives for a game of Gruntz) but there is a very nice Israeli Merkava II in about 1:120 scale. Probably more useful for Gruntz than 40K as it doesn't really match the aesthetic of 40K but at effectively £2 and of a sufficiently unfamiliar design it is good for 15mm sci-fi gaming. Funky camo scheme (inspired by the work of Ashley at Paint-it-Pink) helps with the sci-fi look as well.


  1. Yeah, that Shockwave dude looks great. I've propositioned several Mechwarrior figures for the same purpose.

    I don't get the appeal of that ugly fucking imperial guard vehicle. Some guys go nuts for it! Just looks like a transit van on steroids to me.......god awful!

    Matchbox are a great mixed bag of strange vehicle. Perfect for wargaming uses.


  2. Original Rogue Trader had only small mecha up to dreadnought/sentinel size. Juggernauts were supposed to be mainly wheeled or tracked. It made much more sense than giant mecha.