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Amblecotius - Gruntz/Rogue Trader 15mm Narrative Campaign

 Count Huriatat has the eyes of a haunted man thought Delacroix. He thinks now only of the ever-shrinking chance of his son being allowed to continue to rule in his place. I fear he will do the noble thing before this crisis is resolved and leave this great house decapitated.

The equerry put down the electroquill on his marble-topped desk and waited patiently for the Imperial Commander's next order. Somewhere in the orbital palace the faint sound of one of Huriatat's vast collection of antique longcase clocks chimed the half-hour.

Huriatat continued to stare out of the glass windows at the curvature of the agri-world, his world, his Great House's birthright, the world that was no longer in his control. Somewhere on the green/blue surface men he had once held to be loyal warred on each other.

His military intelligence reported at least two opposing factions amongst the rebellious Planetary Defence Force. Yet no demands, no ultimatums had come from their leaders. There was a war going on for motives unknown and it was as if he, Count Orlando Deletru Huriatat, scion of rulers who had governed this system for twelve hundred years in the Almighty Emperors' name, was an utter irrelevance.

Well, continued the equerry's train of thought, he did the only thing he could have. No loyal troops to call upon, tithes to be paid and an insurrection that had to crushed right away. Huriatat had used the nuclear option and confessed his impotence to his overlords. He had put out the urgent request for aid, admitted in front of his peers that he had lost control of  his system and that only outside powers could now do anything about it. He had been found incompetent and forced to go down on bended knee and admit his shame to all. It was a humiliation and disgrace.

The seal on the office door hissed as an functionary was admitted. Delacroix recognised her as belonging to the guild that ran House Huritat's communications room. Showing signs of nerves she scurried across to the window and stood a respectful distance behind the Count's back.

Huritat half-turned his head in acknowledgement without actually bringing the new arrival into view.

When it came the functionary's voice was hushed and hesitant.

"My lord. Brother-Captain Zybil of the Astartes is here. He will see you now."


Amblecotius is a world I knocked together a few years back from a collection of pictures found on Google Images that captured my view of what the 40K universe looked like, which is not really what GW think it looks like. The original background post is here.

Having been used for games of Inq28 and Future War Commander in the past it has been resurrected for as the background for a narrative campaign using Gruntz! 15mm.

Date line 014 M41, Amblecotius System - The Gahruntz Campaign

Open warfare has broken out between factions on Amblecotius. The reasons for this, and indeed identity and motives of the opposing factions are not yet clear to Imperial Authorities but it appears that the ruling House Huriatat are powerless to contain the violence. Accordingly they have sent out urgent astropathic communications to the nearest Imperial forces requesting immediate aid in pacifying the system.

Those forces consisted of a small detachment of Space Marines of the Blood Drinkers chapter garrisoning the Great Miercean Post-Industrial Arcology on the Moninav water world. Captain Zenn Zybil has raced to the aid of the besieged authorities on Amblecotius Prime in the chapter rapid response space vessel "The Black Barbie", pressing into service armour assets of the 8th Moninav (Armoured) Regiment of the Imperial Army, most notably their crack "Jagerbomb" company. Lacking much in the way of heavy military equipment due to their previous garrison role, the Marines have commandeered several armoured vehicles from the PDF armouries in Termitius Hive and begun a campaign of rapid strikes against both belligerents.


Battle 1 - Action at Hark Hanoid

A flying column of Marine forces have sortied out and levelled the small town of Hark Hanoid, an important supply base for one of the belligerent factions currently identified in Space Marine intelligence as "Opfor A". The small guard force have been eliminated and survivors mopped up (literally in some cases of suicidally brave attempts at tank-killing).

Suddenly, Communications-Brother Brawd Kastinhaus reports signals of large numbers of Opfor A force closing into encircle the Marines. Captain Zybil gave the order for all men to embark in their transports - a breakout attempt is to be made.


Battle 1 was fought on Friday 13th and in short the Blood Drinkers should really have paid more attention to the Imperial Tarot warning them of the portents of that date. More later.

(Catain Zenn Zybil really should be in a Chaos Renegade Warband called The Damned. Along with aspiring Champion of Nurgle Rat Scabies and the Vampire warp entity Vanian.)

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