Thursday, 17 July 2014

Amblecotius RT/Gruntz Narrative Campaign - The Genial Gene Genie Genius

This is Doctor Cilkie Bhapshene, brilliant geneticist currently on a five year secondment to the Blood Drinkers Space Marine Chapter. She is attempting to fix the well-known fatal flaw in the chapter's geneseed that causes a uncontrollable lust for hematophagy and in doing so set up a programme of cloning to ensure a future supply of suitable genetic material. She is also well over seventy years old but inherited good genes. (Actually she stole them from a previous place of employment).

For the duration of the Amblecotius Campaign, Dr. Bhapshene has relocated to the Marine rear echelon base aboard "The Daughter", the giant orbital platform/floating palace that houses the seat of Amblecotian government. A large loading and cargo bay has been set aside for Dr. Bhapshene's research machines and medical facility.

Rebel leadership of "Opfor A" regard this setup as a priority target. It is believed by Opfor A military intelligence that the Blood Drinkers have a cloning facility aboard The Daughter and will shortly be using it to mass produce cloned Marines with which to replace their losses (such as Captain Zenn Zybil who lost a leg in the after-effects of the abortive breakout at Hark Hanoid). Potentially there is no limit to the number of armoured superhumans that could descend upon the rebel forces if the campaign drags on.

Accordingly a captured mail shuttle is heading to the The Daughter under falsified call signals. A strike team is aboard armed with Vortex grenade demo charges, and a bribed space traffic control operator will "accidentally" direct the shuttle to the "wrong" cargo bay.

These call signals had better work - Abdul Goldberg swore they would be good for the day of the attack. Admittedly he was distracted by his pressing need to count his money and escape out of the window with the suitcase of cash...

(Standard "Assault & Battery" scenario. Defenders - Blood Drinkers, Attackers - Rebel PDF. Each objective represents expensive machinery of medical value to the Marines. The cargo bay is huge so vehicles are permitted. There are many piles of trade goods in the cargo bay, these count as hills - and look quite like them - but cannot be crossed. The intention is to knock up a 4' x 4' table using my AT-43 "Reversible Gaming Tiles" that look like this - not my picture).

(The genesis of this scenario idea was a throw away comment of mine when my Marine commander got killed - I just laughed and said I'd clone him. Gary later suggested an attack upon the cloning facility might be a good follow on to the previous battle).


  1. Cool setup. Hope it plays out well for you.

  2. Abdul Goldburg? Really? How retro ARE you?

    You'l be playing Laserburn next,