Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Necromunda Blanche Gang

There are still two games left in the October Club's Necromunda campaign so here are The Blanche Gang ready for their first outing next Tuesday.

In the style of The Ramones and The Datsuns all members have adopted the surname Blanche. Hence say hello to Jeremiah Blanche, Jethro Blanche, Jed Blanche, Joss "The Boss" Blanche, Jimmy Blanche (the Juve), Jodrell Blanche, Jezebel Blanche (her in the sky blue FMBs), Justinian Blanche, "Basement" Jaxx Blanche and James Robertson Justice Blanche.

The original Necromunda models are repaints of the tat I got from the Stafford show last month.

There is also an EM4 Miniatures plastic Ganger in there and two of the Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengerboys 40K set.

Anyway, remember Fantasy? Elves and Orcs and fantasy lands? Well, I'd kind of forgotten about it as a concept but the campaign that follows this one will be good old Mordheim. A Cult of the Possessed is nearly complete (it needs one figure painting) so some fantasy figures will be along in a bit.

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  1. I had those guys! I converted them into Mutant Chronicles legion of Algeroth initiates.