Sunday, 17 August 2014

October Mordheim - The Unholy Cult of the Third Eye

Mordheim is starting in October (the month) at October (the gaming club). This should have been the first photograph of my force for it but due to an administrative fuck-up this is actually only 86% of the complete as a model got missed off the pic. There are actually seven - there is another cultist armed with a bow who is painted, honest guv.

This is a Cult of the Possessed led by the chaotic degenerate Magister Manfred von Reichs-Pudding.

The force has been cobbled together from stuff already painted which probably makes the complete force utter shite but who cares? von R-P is an old classic Jes Goodwin Chaos Sorcerer (Barakast Hell Rider) and the only thing that had to be painted to make up the points. Figures from Citadel, Asgard and I've never found out who made the dark-skinned chap on the right.

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