Monday, 13 October 2014

Our WFB8 Border Patrol Narrative Campaign - The Vale of Shai-Hulud

As mentioned a while back I started an Ogre army for the Border Patrol WFB variant. Well, now it's complete, been bloodied in battle and is warring in the Vale of Shai-Hulud (somewhere in the Border Princes) against the Skaven of Clanlord Darth Phil.

Being Oldhammerites at heart, we are narrative campaigning the lot, playing with a Who Cares Who Wins attitude and keeping a sort of campaign diary/fiction archive at The Vale of Shai-Hulud.

We are using the current ruleset (8th edition) because it's actually really good. This seems to be a theme of WFB - each new version improves on the last, whereas 40K goes the opposite way...

Yes, typical unit sizes are too big, giant models are stupid blah blah blah but... the nuts-and-bolts of the rules are great and plays nicely. At Border Patrol level you have 500 points, one hero (which may not exceed 125 points) and no more than 25 models per unit. So most of the powergaming bollocks gets thrown out straight away. Games are quick and you can get two in in a relaxed evening.

Also - all models are painted, all models have full groundworking. All characters and battles are named. As they should be. It's not happened so far but if any model is "killed" and battle, he dies for good on a 1 on d6 - he never returns to the campaign and his death is canon.

Currently we have Ogres, Skaven and Dwarfs - Elves of both Wood and High castes are on the painting tables.

(Are there sand-worms? Phil named the campaign locale and he hasn't said yet...)


  1. Love the Oldhammer feel of your Ogres and some lovely painting. Nice effect on the photos too. Interesting thoughts on 8th Edition. We've actually gone right back to the first fantasy role-playing game as we only play skirmish these days. Definitely be dropping by now I've found your blog.

  2. I like 8e (or liked, I haven't played a game in *ages*), but it really does take two people playing *with* each other, rather than *against* each other, if you're going to avoid the massive-unit-deathstar problem, or the mega-monsters-for-the-win problem. I suppose some variant of that is true of any edition of any wargame, though.

  3. Sounds great. The ogres seem to be winning at the moment on the backstory side at least... :)

    There's definitely a theme of good things being said about 8th edition by various old-school wargamers. I must have a look at some point, just so I know what everyone's talking about.

    Out of interest what does 500 of your modern 8e points buy you in old money?

  4. I haven't sat down and worked out what the Ogre army would cost in something like 3rd if that it what you mean. The Bruiser, 3 Leadbelchers, 3 Ogres, and 3 Ironguts are 500 points but a better idea of size would come from the Wood Elves that are on my painting table - 12 Glade Guard (longbow types), 10 Dryads, 5 Wardancers and a level 2 wizard. Phil's Skaven were running at three units of 25 and a hero.

    I picked up the full hardback of 8e from the Derby/Donington show recently and the back half of it (the hobby section) is absolutely full of old school, "bollocks to tournament style" goodness. It even has notes on how to stat up your own scratch-builds, scenario design, using a GM, and a large campaign where all the units are named and many have special rules added to them to make things interesting. I was very impressed. I didn't think they did this sort of thing any more.